skatepark in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Year: 2022 
Size : 811м2
Type: Public skatepark
Location : Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Assignor : Stara Zagora municipality
Contractor : “Geramis international” Ltd.

Project designed by Geramis

This development is made on the basis of a contract with the Assignor and according to the detailed urban plan for LPR VI-7153, quarter 326a, according to the plan of town Stara Zagora. The subproject – Skatepark Stara Zagora is part of “Parking and improvement of the Municipal Sports and Entertainment Centers in Stara Zagora. The subproject is located in a park environment, the area designated for the skate park is located in the southeastern part of the property. The area is surrounded on all sides with pedestrian alleys, access to it is through them. The space between the pedestrian alleys and the skate park will be rich landscaping.

The skateable area is 811m2. It consists of two main sections, Street and Bowl. The “Street” section consists of the following areas: 1. Flat run-up, big and small sections with stairs, ledges and rails, 2. Flat part, 3. Combined arena with ledges, rails and a manual pad, 4. Flat part, 5. Quarter pipe and run-up. The “Bowl” section is a series of spherical and cylindrical connected shapes, forming a lock-shaped device with two levels of depth. The color scheme is based on the sign depicted on the back of the Stara Zagora flag, designed by the artist Hristo Tanev.

Design team

eng.Georgi Georgiev, eng.Dimitar Popov, arch.Martina Stoilova, Yavor Stoyanov, Veliko Balabanov, eng.Pavlin Zlatev, arch.Nikola Zdravkov, eng.Elisaveta Bogdanova


Georgi Georgiev, Martina Stoilova, Yavor Stoyanov, Veliko Balabanov, Georgi Dimitrov, Simon Kanev, Gabriel Abrashev, Ivo Serkedjiev, Emil Boev, Lazar Georgiev, Vasil Terziev, Aleksandar Kostadinov, Deyan Kirin | Sofia, Bulgaria,
41 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd
| +359 898 642 464 | +359 896 889 258 |


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