skatepark in Sofia, Bulgaria




Year: 2022 – Work in progress
Size : 855м2
Type: Public skatepark
Location : Sofia, Bulgaria
Assignor : Sofia, Nadejda municipality
Contractor : “Geramis international” Ltd.

Project designed by Geramis

The property is intended for improvement and creation of a modern urban environment and implementation of new initiatives.
Due to the growing interest in extreme sports and the fact that skateboarding has become an Olympic sport in 2020, Nadezhda District – Capital Municipality decided to provide citizens with a facility for roller extreme sports – a skate park.

The total area of the skate park is 921m2. It is built from a reinforced concrete structure, polished concrete, natural stone – granite, large natural stone mosaics and galvanized steel elements. It consists of two main sections “Street” and “Bowl”.

The “Street” section has five levels and is made up of the following devices: Straight bar, corner with a sloped edge of granite, “A-Frame”, Bank, metal edge-rail, edge of granite, bar, Bank, low edge of granite , Large Curve, Balance, Granite Straight Edge, Balance Rail, Ground Round Rail, Large Granite Slopes on Six Stairs, Large Round Rail, “Step-Up”, Low Square Rail on Two Stairs, Balances and Edges of granite and mosaic, curve with curved edge of granite, pyramid, circular rail of four steps, baboon and two reinforcements with curve.
The “Bowl” section represents sequentially connected spherical and cylindrical shapes forming two main depths of 1.9m and 2.79m. Built into the base shape are two hip transfers, a curve transitioning into a slanted, straight section “Bank”, “Rainbowl” and “Wallride”.
Some of the shapes are provoked by the existing rotunda in the park, and the color scheme is based on the surrounding environment.

Design team

eng.Georgi Georgiev, eng.Dimitar Popov, arch.Martina Stoilova, Yavor Stoyanov, Vasil Terziev, Todor Harizanow, Veliko Balabanov,  eng.Pavlin Zlatev, arch.Nikola Zdravkov, eng.Elisaveta Bogdanova


Georgi Georgiev, Yavor Stoyanov, Veliko Balabanov, Simon Kanev, Emil Boev, Vasil Terziev, Deyan Kirin, Martin Ivanov, Yavor Zainelov, Boyan Vangelov, Hristian Rusev, Momchil Petrov

info@geramis.net | Sofia, Bulgaria,
41 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd
| +359 898 642 464 | +359 896 889 258 |


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