skate bowl in Tsarevo, Bulgaria






Public skatepark

Tsarevo, Bulgaria

Tsarevo municipality

This project is implemented with the grace from municipality of Tsarevo. Huge thanks to the Mayor, who did not save any effort to create this amazing place.


This skate park is part of a fun park with pump tracks for bikes, rope garden with many interesting obstacles and space for camping. Location of the fun park is more than perfect. Situated on the outskirts of town Tsarevo at the beginning of a forest planted in the 50s, where the place for camping is located. At a distance less than 1km from the beach, this heavenly place is worth a visit. The Park makes Tsarevo a desirable destination for many young people from all corners of our dear homeland and abroad. Also contributing to the development of intergenerational relations, culture, integration and multiculturalism in Tsarevo.

This bowl is a complex system of curves with different “hips” adjusted to the terrain.  Most complicated element is the hemisphere “oververt” with height 275 cm.
The Park provides excellent conditions for fast learning for beginners, advanced athletes and conducting competitions.
Construction of the skate park is reinforced concrete with metal hot dip galvanized protective profiles. Surface layer is made from hand-polished concrete with high durability and treated with sealers based on epoxy resins.

Design team: eng.Georgi Georgiev, eng.Dimitar Popov, Veselin Despotov

Shapers: Georgi Georgiev, Dimitar Popov, Veselin Despotov, Chocho, Stefan Popov, Vladimir Valkov, Vladimir Georgiev, Adrian Vasilev

Xchallenge Park provides the opportunity to practice most attractive and extreme sports in the pleasant atmosphere of a cool pine forest. The newly opened park has a professional pool for skateboarding, skating, BMX and more. , an old mountain bike trail, as well as a rope garden with several attractions: a jump with a static rope “pendulum”, a trolley, and a children’s rope line for the little ones.
For those who have never tried, but want to experience these sports, the park offers training by professional instructors in the sport.
Camping enthusiasts can spend unforgettable evenings in the Xchallenge Park’s separate tent camp and enjoy the comfort of a campfire. The campsite has a bathroom with hot water, which complements the amenities for a comfortable stay.
A pleasant stay and good mood is taken care of by a team of young people who have dedicated their lives to sports and want to pass on their enthusiasm to you.
Our main goal in the coming years is to organize children’s sports camps, team building and sports events here. We want to teach children to live a dynamic and healthy life. These sports are not just fun, they develop important personal qualities such as discipline, leadership and problem-solving skills. If we have to be honest, maybe this is the best way to acquire them! Of course, making friends and socializing are a major part of the whole experience. We have formed a strong society and aim to expand it so that more people can experience this adventurous and fun lifestyle.

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