Skatepark in Pomorie, Bulgaria



Year : 2019
Size : 339m2

Type : Public skatepark
Location : Pomorie, Bulgaria

Assignor : Pomorie municipality
Contractor : “Geramis international” Ltd.

Design team: eng.Georgi Georgiev, eng.Dimitar Popov, eng.Pavlin Zlatev, arch.Nikola Zdravkov, eng.Elisaveta Bogdanova, arch.Martina Stoilova, Yavor Stoyanov, Veliko Balabanov, Todor Ivanov, Emil Boev

In the development of the conceptual design we comply with the location of the pedestrian alleys, plot boundaries, tectonics of the terrain and the existing vegetation.
The selection of materials is focused on humus, stone, “Skate crete” flooring, mosaics of natural stone, galvanized metal and wood.
The object of our development has a total area of 330m2, divided into two levels with difference of 45cm. The main ones are located on the drive area devices meeting the requirements of BDS EN_14974A1, on a track used for rollerblading extreme sports and bicycles for beginners and advanced.
The design assignment was made by Rotary Club Pomorie. It also contains a list of materials, used in the implementation of the project, such as permanent metal formwork for individual appliances and protective edge for skating. The exact cost and application of the materials are described in detail in the working design.
The wish of “Rotary Club Pomorie” is after the completion of construction and installation works and acceptance with the necessary certificates from a licensed company to donate the site to the Municipality of Pomorie for management.

  1. U TURN – combined device – mini booster ramp, 90 and 135 degree transfer
  2. PIRAMID – a pyramid with a curved ledge and transfer – from slope to slope.
  3. RAIL – low railing
  4. KICKER TRANSFER – transfer from slope in slope with distance
  5. LEDGE KICK – sloping edge
  6. BANK – slope with an acute angle and ledge for skating
  7. RAIL 4 STAIRS – railing on four stairs
  8. MANUAL PAD – platform for balance and grinding ledges
  9. QUARTER PIPE – amplification curve

Shapers: Georgi Georgiev, Martina Stoilova, Vasil Vasilev, Vasil Terziev, Yavor Stoyanov, Veliko Balabanov, Ivo Boev, Todor Harizanov, Georgi Dimitrov, Todor Ivanov, Emil Boev, Radoslav Ivanov, Jany

prof. Emil Boev / bs nose grind
Photography / Veliko Balabanov

G / frontside stand up grind
Photography / Veliko Balabanov

Yavor Stoyanov / Nose grind
Photography / Veliko Balabanov

info@geramis.net | Sofia, Bulgaria,
41 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd
| +359 898 642 464 | +359 896 889 258 |


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