Skatepark in Bourgas, Bulgaria


Year: 2015
Size : 1609м2
Type: Public skatepark
Location : Bourgas, Bulgaria
Assignor : Bourgas municipality


Design team: eng.Georgi Georgiev, arch. Martina Stoilova, eng.Dimitar Popov, eng.Galin Dimitrov, arch. Atanas Palov, Ilian Djugalanov, eng.Ivailo Dobrev, eng.Svetlin Todorov


Shapers: Stefan Popov, Vladimir Valkov, Adrian Vasilev, Georgi Georgiev, Dimitar Popov, Ilian Djugalanov, Martina Stoilova, Tihomir Hristov, Kalin Atanasov

The total size of 1609 m2 was accurately calculated on a closed system, consisting of transitions with height of 1.2 to 1.6 m and elements of the urban type “Plaza” – steps, “hubba’s”, rails, “step up’s”, kickers “ hip transfers “, a-frame rail, pyramids and other. The space is designed to allow conducting of competitions and rapid development of beginners. The newly built park area provides excellent conditions for relaxation and creating a lasting friendship between generations. | Sofia, Bulgaria,
41 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd
| +359 898 642 464 | +359 896 889 258 |


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