Skatepark in Samokov, Bulgaria


Year : 2016
Size : 483м2
Type : Public skatepark
Location : Samokov, Bulgaria
Assignor : Samokov municipality
Contractor : “Geramis international” Ltd.

Design team
eng.Georgi Georgiev, eng.Pavlin Zlatev, arch.Nikola Zdravkov, eng.Dobromir Dobrev, Yavor Stoyanov, eng.Dimitar Popov, Pavel Tsarev



The second project for a skate park in the city was initiated by Samokov municipality. It is part of a project for improvement to the recreational zone and is a necessary addition to the nearby Borovets resort. The site provides an opportunity to practice winter extreme sports and maintain physical shape during the days when there is no snow.

The facility consists of two “Street” lines connecting through a 90 degree angle. They are built as follows – reinforced type bend, “euro gap” with a sloping and straight edge, turns, 90 degree truncated pyramid, combined transfer with “Slappy” curb, straight ledge, followed by turns, straight and sloping ledge, sloping railing, reinforced type “Quarter pipe”. Between the two lines there is a “Bowl” zone with two depths at 150 cm and 225 cm. and two “Hip” transfers.
The constructive material is reinforced concrete with metal hot-dip galvanized protective profiles. The surface layer is made of “Skate crete”, concrete with high wear resistance which is treated with impregnator based on epoxy resins. The vertical surfaces are decorated with motives from Bulgarian embroidery for health, longevity and wisdom. The enriched riverside area has become a wonderful place for sports, recreation and communication.

Georgi Georgiev, Dimitar Popov, Yavor Stoyanov, Veliko Balabanov, Ilian Djugalanov, Yovko Kolarov, Lozyo Dimitrov, Kiril Gustev, Martin Benchev, Pavel Tsarev, Marin Sladkarov, Martina Stoilova, Vladimir Ivanov, Stoycho Hristov, Simeon Mitrev, Vasil Terziev, Lubo Slavkov, Kiril Denev, Stefan Blagoev. | Sofia, Bulgaria,
41 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd
| +359 898 642 464 | +359 896 889 258 |


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