St. George

Skatepark in Dobrich, Bulgaria

Year: 2014
Size : 2300м2
Type: Public skatepark
Location : Dobtich, Bulgaria
Assignor : Dobrich municipality

Built on area of 2300 m2. Skate park Dobrich is unique in Bulgaria for several reasons. The technology used is called “Skatecrete”, it`s a kind of hand made finish, polished concrete with very complex shapes and volume elements. The park is designed with stepwise gradation in complexity of individual facilities. Area for beginners, advanced and professionals.

The most unique feature of this park is the large skate “Bowl”, conforming to global standards in this discipline with a depth of 275 cm, 45 cm vertical portion and three levels of complexity. The park is equipped for roller sports by BDS EN_14974A1.

The Skate park is part of the renovated park “St. George” Dobrich. New alleys, facilities and woods around the park, providing excellent conditions for sport and recreation. Another heavenly place to create new friendships and unforgettable moments.

Design team: eng.Georgi Georgiev, arch.Vesela Petkova, arch.Svetoslava Kolarova, arch.Krasimir Pamporov, eng.Yordan Yordanov, eng.Gordon Roe

Shapers: Stefan Popov, Vladimir Valkov, Georgi Georgiev, Tihomir Hristov, Kalin Atanasov, Miroslav Demirev, Vladimir Georgiev | Sofia, Bulgaria,
41 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd
| +359 898 642 464 | +359 896 889 258 |


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